Mom-Approved Nursing Bras- A Kindred Bravely Review

This post is sponsored by Kindred Bravely, but as always represents our honest opinions. 

Becoming a mom is like joining a secret club, where only other mamas really understand what you go through from day-to-day. That’s why products made for moms by moms are always the best. And so, we bring you Kindred Bravely. They are a new favorite among all of us here at Rookie Moms and make some of the most beautiful, comfortable everyday essentials.

We tried out some of their most popular bras so that we could give you a detailed breakdown of each! Read on for our reviews + a discount code! 

Our 4 Favorite Kindred Bravely Bras

Sublime Hands-Free Nursing and Pumping Bra

A bra that allows for hands-free pumping? That will be a big heck yes from us! As an exclusively pumping mom myself, I will be the first to tell you that having a bra like this is so important. The Sublime Hands-Free Nursing and Pumping Bra from Kindred Bravely is truly the bra that every postpartum mom needs. It is so comfortable and really does make the whole process easier.

Not only does this bra allow for hands-free pumping but it offers great support and convenience. I love that the Easyclip allows me to pull down one layer and pump without any worries of a wardrobe malfunction. Plus, it is a double pumping bra allowing you to pump on both sides or nurse on one side while pumping on the other. This bra really does it all! 

The Sublime Nursing Sports Bra

Comfortable and sports bra in the same sentence? We didn’t think it was possible either, but Kindred Bravely has gone and proved us wrong! The Sublime Nursing Sports Bra is low-impact (while still offering great support) and made of extremely comfortable seamless fabric. In this bra, I feel like I have the ability to feed whenever and wherever needed. It’s definitely a must-have bra for active mamas!

I would also say this is a great option if you are looking for a bra that can transition from pregnancy into postpartum. The fabric is flexible and will work well for your changing body. Plus, it is moisture-wicking which is great for two things; postpartum hormones heating you up or getting your sweat on during a workout.  

French Terry Racerback Nursing & Sleep Bra

If you are looking for a bra to get you through those night-time feeds, this is it. It offers light-support and is padding free. The crossover design allows for quick access and ultimate comfortability both while lounging around and sleeping. 

My favorite thing about this bra is that it gives you such easy pull-aside access, which is always greatly appreciated late at night. It allows for no-fuss nursing sessions. 

Simply Sublime Nursing Bra

I am honestly shocked that you can get this amazing seamless comfort and support in a nursing bra. I recommend it to every new mom I know and tell them they need it on their must-have list. Having a comfortable, supportive bra without underwire is so important while pregnant and nursing. Plus, the flexibility in the fabric makes it perfect for a day to day bra or to wear at night. 

Use the code 20ROOKIE for 20% off your purchase at Kindred Bravely! (discount cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts, expires 12/31/20)

We can’t help but share when we find amazing products like this for moms. There is nothing we believe in more than happy moms being the best moms (and that means we need to treat ourselves sometimes!). No matter what type of bra you are looking for, Kindred Bravely should be at the top of your list. Every option that I tried was comfortable and made it easy to get the job done!


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