Take your baby to a museum

Rocking an Ergo carrier at The Broad Museum in Los Angeles

Tackling an art museum with baby is your twelfth weekly challenge.

A fun suggestion from our friend and fellow rookie mom, Rosa, is to pack yourself up and head into the city for a museum outing.

Assume you go to a cocktail party sometime soon. When someone asks what you do, instead of mumbling about maternity leave or bursting into tears when you think about how you can’t drink much because you have to nurse every three hours and wake up at 6 am every day, including Saturday, change the subject and say “Have you seen the Rothko show?”

Many museums waive admission fees on certain days of the month. Make that your big day.

Rosa reports that meeting a friend with a baby at SFMOMa was a successful outing. “Both babies were intrigued by the colorful modernist paintings and sculptures,” she brags. “Mommies get to chat and enjoy the art too.”

For our Bay Area mommas, she suggests that you arrive late morning to San Francisco and use the Nordstrom mother’s lounge as home base. There is a great changing/nursing area for comfort and privacy. You can lunch in the mall’s basement food court or if the weather permits, eat outside in Yerba Buena Gardens.

Becky in Boston said that her baby, Nick, was a trooper at the Museum of Fine Arts. “He was patient. After lunch he nursed and went to sleep in the stroller, I pushed him around and looked at art, when he awoke, we looked at art together – I was amazed at what a great day we had together.”

I took Holden (above) to the BAMPFA here in Berkeley with some other mommy friends and he enjoyed it a lot (which means no screaming fits — yay!). We ate a nice lunch at the little cafe and negotiated tables, strollers, nursing, and crowds. Parking was kind of a pain, so it was nice to have girlfriends to sort out the logistics.

Did you complete this challenge? Love it or hate it, tell us how it went:

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