Wear something you normally wouldn’t

Okay, enough sitting around in your yoga pants (yes they are the most comfortable thing ever made) but let’s try switching things up! Today is the day to dig way into your closet and pull out something that doesn’t get enough love. Or take some time to mix and match pieces that you normally wouldn’t wear together. Or have fun and put on something totally crazy for a change. Just have fun with it, mama!! I love to hop on Pinterest for inspiration you would be amazed at what gems you have just collecting dust in your closet right now.

Activity #44- Wear Something

You Normally Wouldn’t

It’s easy as a new mom to get lost in baby land and lose sight of who you are. Sometimes its great to take a minute for yourself and just have fun! Trying on clothes helps you use your creative juices and can be entertaining too. Plus, you may end up finding some new pieces that you absolutely love.

Step 1:

Take the time to go through your closet and your dresser. You will come across tons of pieces that you totally forgot that you owned. *Side note- you will also come across pieces you know you will never wear again. Do yourself a favor and pop them in a bag so that you can donate them. Now you are being super productive too!!

Step 2:

Now that you have an idea of what pieces you actually own it’s time to hop onto Pinterest, and while you are there you should totally follow us too! On Pinterest, you are searching for outfits that utilize pieces that you already own but maybe they are worn in a different way or pieced with other items that you never thought to put together. For example, I had no idea how many ways there were to wear a denim button up. Check it out-




See what I mean? Lots of options. You can dress yourself up or dress yourself down. Then head to a coffee shop in your new digs with a fresh attitude ready to conquer the day, or at least the next dirty diaper!!

Step 3:

Try them on mama!! Turn up those tunes and strut your stuff in front of the mirror. Who knows you may find something you love even more than those yoga pants 😉

So, what’s your plan? Have a piece you love but need new ways to wear it? Or maybe a dress that’s just a little funky and needs some accessories to pull it together? Pull it out and, as Tim Gunn would say, make it work.

This is your 44th weekly challenge. Read the rest of our challenges for Rookie Moms and complete them all!

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