The Best Portable Blender Period!- Vejo Review

If you are like me you desperately want to eat a healthy balanced diet. However, the million errands I have to do in a day as a mom (ok I might be exaggerating a bit) often finds me in the middle of a fast-food drive-thru or eating some not so tasty bar. Recently, I got to try out the new Vejo portable blender, and I am going to be perfectly honest it blew me away. Not only is this machine the best portable blender (I have tried several) it is a complete game-changer for my diet. 

How is Vejo Different From every other Portable Blender?

My biggest struggle with other portable blenders is they still aren’t that convenient. They might be smaller, than traditional blenders and might operate on battery power. But you still have to pile in all the ingredients into the blender before you leave home, or have somewhere to store all the ingredients.


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