Park on Mars

I know. I know! I know exactly how headlines are written to lure readers in. Anything with numbers that promises to be a solution. I’m talking about stuff that would be on a magazine cover, like 11 Baby-Friendly Vacation Ideas or 13 Sex Secrets You’ve Never Heard Of, and yet, I was suckered by a headline today. Can I even admit what it is I clicked on? I don’t know. I’m actually turning red right now.

Ok, I’ll say it. It was

Thirteen Ways To Lose a Pound A Week

As a feminist, this embarrasses me, and as a generally smart person, I wonder, what could I possibly read that I don’t already know? Exercise? Drink more water? Yes, I know I know. And in my current case, how about “Be patient!” (as this post was originally written when I was only 12 weeks post-partum). But I guess we are always looking for magical solutions, so we buy the magazines or click the links.

Anyhow, I thought that the post was well done and loved the mantra “Park on Mars” to remind us to park our cars far far away to increase the length of our walk to our destination. And, I don’t feel bad sharing a tip that helps you get more exercise, because exercise is good for your general health, not just about your looks. We should all try to park on Mars.

Ok, now you probably want to read the other twelve tips, right? I knew it! Go ahead.

[photo of empty parking lot not taken in Mars but Niagra]

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