Customglam your baby

Ok, I realize this post doesn’t meet any Rookie Mom goals. It’s not cheap, free, or crafty. It doesn’t get you out of the house or help you socialize with friends. It doesn’t liberate your body from baby-holding for a chunk of time so that you can do what you want to do. It doesn’t help you get dinner together with less stress. And it certainly doesn’t help you declutter your life. But, I like it and I want to share. (classy URL, no?) sells personalized screenprinted shirts to which I am addicted. I bought the t-shirts depicted below for Heather and her husband to wear during their bachelor/bachelorette weekends. They read “My (heart) belongs to Heather”/”My (heart) belongs to Alec”.

They also have baby and kid sizes. My fave baby gift for folks who have a second child is to put the names of both siblings as the name of the trucking company on the shirt below. As in “Ashley & Griffin’s Trucking Company.”

I tell you this because I just got a promo email from these folks and they have some Valentine-themed merchandise. (I will confess that I bought myself some boycut undies with a message on the back and wore them a few valentine’s days ago.) Buy large, friends. The clothes are cut for teenage bodies.

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