A Subscription Box for Toddlers- The Kodomochallenge by Benesse

This article is sponsored by Benesse, however, as always all opinions are my own. 

It seems like there is a subscription box for almost everyone these days from makeup lovers, fitness buffs, dads, and pregnant women. However, there is one group that was largely left out of the subscription box craze until now, toddlers! Benesse has stepped in and created an awesome monthly subscription box, Kodomochallenge, for toddlers. I was lucky enough to have the chance to try it out and introduce this new way of learning through play to my little one. Read on to find out what Kodomochallenge is all about and exactly what my little one and I thought of it! 

Why does my toddler need a subscription box? 

Your little one has so much to learn and discover about the world around them. By investing in a subscription box for them, you are helping them to broaden their knowledge. The Kodomochallenge focuses on learning through play through toys, videos, and booklets. Learning through play is so important at this toddler stage! Learning through play is what helps our little ones explore and discover the world around them. It also helps their imagination and creativity develop. I could totally see my son’s mind turning and developing new skills as we played together with these toys. 

I also love the idea of a subscription box because it makes rotating toys out easier. As a mom of a curious little one, I can definitely confirm that rotating out toys will help to keep your toddler engaged and entertained. My mom who ran a daycare for many years always recommended rotating toys in and out to introduce new things and keep their little minds working. A subscription box makes this easy. When the new toys come you can simply put the old ones up and bring them back down when your little one seems ready to change things up. 

All About the Kodomochallenge

Kodomochallenge is a Home Learning Subscription Box created by childhood development specialists. They believe that because every child learns differently, it is important to provide them with a variety of educational toys which these boxes provide. They focus on important early childhood skills such as social skills, daily life skills, communication, cognitive learning, creativity, and music. 

Another thing I was really excited to learn about the box is that it is suited for children as young as 1 year old! I am a firm believer that it is really never too early for your child to start learning and love that this is recognized by the Kodomochallenge creators. The boxes truly make home learning both easy and fun, which is great because like most moms I don’t have a lot of extra time to spare coming up with new ways to get learning in. 

You also will get to know the main character, Shimajiro! He is a very important part of each box and will lead your child through all of the different learning activities. He is a very lovable character, so it is no surprise that he helped Kodomochallenge gain the admiration of 2 million subscribers around the world. 

What’s in the box?

The cool thing about the Kodomochallenge- Home Learning Subscription Box is that the toys are for skill enrichment rather than just for entertainment. This means that with each box your child is gaining a valuable wealth of knowledge. Every box includes an educational toy, video content, and an interactive picture booklet. They also come with a guide for parents, which I found super helpful as it can be confusing to guide your child in learning without some background knowledge! 

Not only is each box filled with different toys, but they each have their own specific theme. Here is a little bit about each box! 

Box 1

I told you that you would quickly get to know Shimajiro! The first box is all about introducing him to your child and in the process they will learn important basic greeting and communication skills. These skills are so important and will help your child have a foundation for how to make friends for many years to come! 

It is in this box that your child will receive their plush Shimajiro, which is kind of like a lovey. I know having the plush toy character always helps my son to focus better on the character in the book we are reading or movie we are watching. 

Box 2

Did you ever play with Russian Dolls as a child? I had a set that I loved! This box brings back this classic toy to teach your child how to identify different sizes and colors. I had been looking for new ways to teach my little guy his colors, so I was definitely a happy mom when I saw this!

Box 3

Food! My love for good food runs deep and I hope to pass that along to my son as well. This box is all about discovering new and interesting types of food. It is great exposure for your child and may even get them excited to try something other than chicken nuggets. 

My son especially enjoyed this box and the wooden pieces of food that you can pull apart and stick back together with velcro. 

Box 4

Box 4 is about another set of absolutely essential skills; personal hygiene! I am a fan of anything that will show my child (in a fun way) that taking care of our bodies and health is important. With this Kodomochallenge Box, your little one will learn all about brushing their teeth a habit, washing, and going potty.  

Box 5

There is something really special about spending time with your little one in the kitchen. This box focus on how fun cooking can be while also teaching communication skills. It comes with some play kitchen items which is great for little imaginations. 

Box 6

Last but not least, this box is all about learning to use your imagination. It contains blocks to create and build whatever a little imagination can come up with! 

My Overall Thoughts on the Kodomochallenge

I can confidently say both my little one and I are looking forward to our next Kodomochallenge box arriving in the mail. I really loved that the toys and activities made it easy for me to interact and play with my son. The fact that playtime with my son is also holding educational value is priceless. My son had so much fun learning with Shimajiro and we’re excited to see what the next box will hold. Not to mention, I hope there are more boxes released in the future for various ages!

I must say our favorite part of the box was definitely the picture booklets. We love reading together especially when there are interactive elements like peek-a-boo pull tabs and flaps. 

This educational material was created over 30 years ago in Japan, so on top of the skills it teaches, I love the extra cultural exposure that my son is getting through each box. I can see why this brand has been well-known and trusted for many years throughout Asia. I feel like my child gained valuable skills and more importantly, he had fun while doing so! At this age, it is so important that learning be introduced through play so that we can foster a love of it in our children. 

I highly recommend trying out this subscription box for your toddler! You can order yours easily here through Amazon.

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