Get to know your gear

We recommend you try using that baby carrier, stroller, whatever before you really need it.

Whitney actually practiced using her breast pump on her leg when she was 40 weeks pregnant, and it was a good thing: she ended up needing to use it for real the day after she gave birth, which is no time to figure out such an appliance.

Tips for Baby Bjorn:

  1. If you had a C-section, you might not be ready for this for a few extra weeks. Get to know your stroller instead!
  2. Follow the little picture or see instructions online.
  3. Lay the baby some place safe.
  4. Adjust the straps and put it on.
  5. Install baby.
  6. Put on a little baby hat for sun protection.
  7. Put on your own jacket to look really advanced.

Note: Itty bitty babies face you. Babies with good head control face the world.

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