Make baby stuff or ask someone else to do it

Do you go in lots of cute baby stores and then not buy anything because you think “I could make that.” Perhaps you think “my mom could make that,” if you are not a “I could make that” type of chick. Well, consider just TRYING to make something. It’s so much more fun to get your baby dressed or take her out when you have a little accessory you’ve made yourself.

Making stuff is not all about sewing clothes, people. provides tutorials for wooden toys, doll cradles, playdough (for older kids), and other cardboard goodies. Look for free toy patterns there.

I made this softie for Julian the other day from leftover fabric and buttons. It’s not symmetrical or perfect in any way, but he adores it.

Get more amazing inspiration from fellow mama Abby Pecoriello’s book Crafty Mama: Makes 49 Fast, Fabulous, Foolproof (Baby & Toddler) Projects

Abby is all about connecting with friends, so buy a copy of her book, invite some other mamas over, and get crafty.

And if you simply cannot bear the thought of threading a needle, drop some not-so-subtle hints to the grandmas. Have you seen these “ugly dolls”? Don’t you think you could make one that’s even cuter?

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