Baby shower game for hostesses who aren’t crafty

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At my sister-in-law’s baby shower, we played a new-to-me game that everyone seemed to enjoy. At least, I thought it was a clever way to pass the time with a lot of women I didn’t already know. Bonus points that this hands-on activity didn’t require anyone to be crafty, AND IT WAS SO EASY TO SET UP! All that’s needed for the Guess What’s In The Bag baby shower game is:

  • a supply of brown lunch bags
  • print-outs of the guessing sheet
  • a wide variety of small, low-cost baby items

Before the shower
Fill the mystery bags. The shower hostess will place one item, such as a pacifier, bib, or packet of wipes, into each paper bag and seal it with tape or staples (or bows if you are really fancy). Twelve bags seem like the right number, but you can decide. Each bag needs to be labeled with a large numeral. Done.

Pro tip: Hostesses who are moms themselves may use items they find around their own house. If you’re out of the baby stage, scoop up all of these things at a mega baby store – and, hey is sponsoring this post! – and gift them to the new mom at the end of the shower.

Print the game card. The guessing sheet should have a spot for the guest’s name and a line for each bag, ie 12 numbered lines if you’re following my directions. You can use this printable or make your own.

Place all the filled paper bags, blank guessing forms, and some pens in a large basket or tub so that you can easily bring them to the baby shower.

During the shower
Distribute print-outs and pens the guests. Then, pass out the sealed bags, instructing everyone to feel (without opening) what’s in each bag and write their guess down on the numbered line corresponding to the bag they are holding. Help everyone circulate the bags until the guests have completed their sheets.

This is not for a grade, so let the crowd self-correct or trade papers with a neighbor to score the sheets. The expectant mom can rip open the bags to reveal the answers. Provide a simple prize, such as a frame or a box of chocolates to the winner.

I’ve been known to force everyone at Heather’s baby showers to hand paint a onesie, which results in a few groans of “I’m not creaaaaative….” This baby shower activity, on the other hand, can include all guests, including men and children.

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