The 5 Best Baby Swings in 2023 & How They’ll Help With Your Fussy Baby!

Having a baby swing not only helped me get through those long newborn days, but I found the swing continued to be one of my go-to’s as my baby grew. That is why a baby swing always tops my list of must-haves for new moms. Below we have broken down some of the most important features that go into finding the best baby swing for you and your baby.

The Best Baby Swings in 2023

I know you have probably heard a lot of conflicting opinions on swings. So many babies just want to be rocked all day long, and who can blame them? Especially since they spent nine months being snug and constantly rocked in your belly.

Unfortunately, this can get pretty tiring and keep you from getting anything done (and by getting anything done, I mean being able to take a shower every once in a while).

A swing is a perfect spot to set your baby down. When used properly, they’ll be safe and sound buckled in. Not only are the best baby swings a soothing, safe spot for your little one to nap, but they can be pretty entertaining too. All that being said, you are definitely going to want to add ones of these awesome baby swings to your registry list. Check them out!

Graco Soothe My Way Baby Removable Rocker – Our #1 Choice

A lot of people rave about the 4moms mamaRoo baby swing, well, Graco has its own swing with similar features! To be perfectly honest we think it is by far the best baby swing out there.

What we love about the Graco Soothe My Way Rocker:

There are 8 different motions in 2 different directions, so there are 16 ways to soothe your baby. Not every baby can be soothed by the same motion or speed. With this many motions plus 6 different swing speeds, once you find the right setting, your baby will be rocking to sleep.

The swing has 3 Reclining Positions. Once again, a baby swing is all about soothing your baby! Having 3 different reclining positions helps you find the perfect position for your little one. Our baby loved lying flat at first but as he got older he enjoyed a slightly more upright position.

You can remove the swing off of the base, making it just a seat. In this configuration, you can still have the seat vibrate. This is a really cool feature of this swing. It easily detaches as a seat.

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Graco Duet Soothe Swing & Rocke – Best Bang for Your Buck

While Soothe My Way Baby Rocker is our favorite, it is more pricey than the standard swing. For parents who don’t want to spend as much, the Swing and Rocket is a more affordable option.

What we love about the Graco Duet Soothe Swing and Rocker:

You really get the best of both worlds with this swing. It’s got everything you could need in a swing, plus you can easily detach the seat and it becomes a little rocker. This means you can leave the full swing in a popular spot like your living room but move the rocker seat around in case you need to get something done elsewhere.

The swing can rock both side to side and front to back, which is a godsend for picky babies. Your baby will also love the music, vibration options, and mobile! 

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4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing – A Baby Swing with all of the Bells and Whistles

This is the baby swing that does it all and combines all the settings of a traditional swing and rocker into one seat!

What we love about the 4moms mamaRoo:

One thing that really sets the 4moms mamaRoo apart is that it has five different motions all inspired by the way parents move. This means it moves more like you do and you are more likely to find an option that will soothe your baby every time.

It has Bluetooth compatibility so you can play your baby’s favorite music. You can also connect it to the 4moms app which will help you choose the motion and speed most like your own to keep your baby content.

Read our full review of the 4moms Mamaroo here!

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Ingenuity InLighten Baby Swing – A Classic Baby Swing Favorite

If this cozy swing gets a stamp of approval from a mom of 6, then you know it’s good! She says to keep in mind that most babies prefer to sway side to side or back and forth, and this swing does both. It is the perfect spot to put down your babe.

The fabric is super soft and the mobile has cuddly friends that your baby will come to love. It has many different options for position, movement, and 20+ noise options varying from nature sounds to white noise.

I also love that it is foldable and lightweight so it can be easily moved and stored as needed.

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Nuna x PBK Leaf Grow Baby Bouncer – Best Baby Swing for the Trendy Mom

Baby bouncers are a little different from infant swings, but this option from Nuna combines the features of both. It will have your sweet little one feeling like they are floating on a cloud. It’s ultra-quiet and smooth.

Your baby will love the cozy organic insert and the toy bar that you can easily take on and off depending on what you are using the seat for. As far as design goes, I love how sleek and modern it looks.

Best of all, its smart design allows it to transform from a baby swing into a big kid seat up to 130 lbs!

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Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing– Best Portable Baby Swing for Travel

Unlike the other more stationary options on this list, the Ingenuity Swing ‘n Go is meant to be moved around wherever it’s needed. This will make it an awesome swing for your baby when traveling, and it even folds up super easily. Hello, hotel naps!

It still has multiple speed options, both nature and lullaby sounds, and a little toy bar for entertainment. It also has 2 different recline positions which are nice bonuses. Keep in mind this guy only takes batteries and has no plug-in option, so you will have to keep some extras on hand just in case.

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Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing – Best Infant Swing for Compact Spaces

With the list price being only $99 (and plenty of chances to find a discount even on that) this is one of the most affordable baby swings. It’s also really compact making it great for those of us with a little less space. Just because it’s affordable does not mean it’s lacking anything. Like many of the other swings on our list, it has a mobile, tons of different sound options, and 2 vibration settings. This swing seat does slow down a little as your baby grows, but it does its job and by the time they outgrow it they are probably ready for something like a jumper instead.

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Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing – A Budget-Friendly Smart Swing

This swing has a side-to-side motion meant to remind the baby of being rocked in your arms. It has 5 different speed options. One of the absolute coolest things about this swing is that you can play music through the Bluetooth-connected device meaning you can pick your baby’s favorite songs or white noise.

This is also a great swing to travel with because it breaks down within seconds.

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Features to Look for in a Baby Swing

So now you know our favorites, but you might be wondering what exactly we look for in a baby swing to determine if it is one of the best. Below are the really important features you are going to want to consider when picking out a swing.


First things first, you want this swing to be a safe place to set your baby down. That means the seatbelt is a super important thing to consider! Looks for swings that have a 3- or 5-point harness. I would also recommend heading to a baby store that has the swings out on display so that you can test out the ease of different buckles. You don’t want your baby to wake up after you tirelessly rocked them to sleep because you’re struggling to get them buckled in!

Head and Neck Support:

Along with seatbelt safety, you should consider the head and neck support offered by the swing of your choice. Babies cannot hold their heads up on their own so it is really important that this support is offered to keep them comfortable.

Noise Settings: 

White noise works miracles when it comes to keeping a baby asleep, especially in a busy and potentially loud household. Swooshing sounds remind them of being safe in mama’s womb. Many of these baby swings have multiple different noise settings, the more the better! This way you can always find one that is soothing to your baby.

Vibration Settings:

Vibration along with the swinging movement will help to soothe your baby. Again, this is another way to remind them of the comfort of their mom’s womb. When you are trying to decide which swing is right for your baby, take into consideration whether it offers vibration settings.

Varying Movement:

Your baby swing, bounce, rock, vibrate; babies aren’t always easy to please so having options is good! This will make your swing more versatile meaning you can use it for both playtime and nap time.

Weight Limit:

If you want your swing to last past the 3-month mark, you definitely need to check out the weight limits on your swing options. Some swings now have grow-with-me features and can last as a seat up into your child’s toddler years.

Machine Washable vs Spot Cleaning:

Babies are messy little people, so you will definitely want to clean their swing every once in a while. The best possible scenario when it comes to cleaning is being able to remove the fabric from the swing and just throw it in the wash.

Baby Swing Safety

First and foremost, keep in mind that your baby needs to be supervised while in their swing at all times. You also should always properly buckle your baby in and follow the specific safety guidelines for your swing.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), babies should sleep on on their backs at all times until their first birthday, both for nap times and at night. This means if your baby falls asleep in their swing, they should be moved to a firm sleep surface and placed on their back.

There you have it, the best baby swings of 2023. There are a lot of frilly extras that you don’t necessarily need for a baby, but I would say a swing is an actual must-have! You have to have somewhere to safely set your baby down and swings are easy to move around the house or pack up and take along with you.

In my experience, your baby is way more likely to feel content or stay asleep if you put them down in a swing so that they continue to be rocked. Otherwise, you will find yourself rocking and bouncing all day, and trust me that is exhausting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best baby swing 2023?

These are the best baby swings:
Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing
Nuna x PBK Leaf Grow Baby Bouncer
4moms MamaRoo
Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

What age is best for baby swing?

Baby swings can typically be used from birth until your baby hits the weight limit for the particular swing you are using. The Academy Of American Pediatrics (AAP) does recommend putting the seat in the most reclined position until your baby is at least 4 months old.

Are baby swings good for newborns?

Baby swings are good for newborns, however, they should not sleep in the swing. You need to be nearby and watching them while they are in the swing.

Is it worth getting a baby swing?

Having a baby swing not only helped me get through those long newborn days, but I found the swing continued to be one of my go-to’s as my baby grew. That is why a baby swing always tops my list of must-haves for new moms.

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