Best Baby Memory Book for Every Precious Moment

Sadly time really does fly, and one of the best ways to remember your precious baby is through a baby memory book. While I wish for every mama out there to have vivid memories of the early days, many of us are left with a blur of diaper changes, feedings, and baby coos. Taking a little time out of each day to jot down details about your baby in one of these books can give you these memories for a lifetime!

These books are also an incredible way to look back with your child as they get older and show them what life was like when they were just a babe. Here’s the best news of all; you don’t have to be a crafty Pinterest mom to create a beautiful baby book. There are some really simple options to bring all your photos and memories into one place. Although, if you are that crafty scrapbooking Pinterest mom please help the rest of us out just a little but never be ashamed to show off your beautifully made baby books! 

The Best Customizable Memory Books

Made with Love Personalized Memory Book

Part of what makes a baby memory book so special is the customization. This allows your kiddo to look back and see personal touches from mom and dad. The Made with Love Personalized Memory Book allows your customization to start right on the cover. You can add any three lines of text you’d like and there is a photo window for your favorite print. The book guides you through, making it easy to write about every milestone and paste in photos that go along with it. If you are looking for a gift, this book comes in its own pretty box and would be something a new family would surely treasure. Get yours here!

PrintSmitten Gold Foil Baby Book

With over 10 different color options for the cover and 4 foil options for the front text, this baby memory book is off to a good start when it comes to customization. PrintSmitten will also include your baby’s name and birthdate on the front of the book. I love that this book balances the option of journaling and jotting down quick milestones so well. This baby book was designed by a mom who understands how busy parenting is, and her goal in creating this was to make it fun and easy rather than a chore. I think you will find that she 100% succeeded! Check out pricing here.

Dear Little One Memory Book

This might be my absolute favorite memory book cover with its cute quote laser cut into the wood. You can also add names, dates, initials, or a short phrase onto the front corner or the back cover. The book is full of open-ended prompts and tons of space for photos. It has 40 total pages, which is just about the perfect amount for documenting the first year. Here is the current pricing!

Quick & Easy Memory Books

Snapfish Hardcover Photo Book 8×8

Snapfish has been one of our go-to photo album options since the start of our family. Our kids love looking back on their early days through these special books! I love that they are super simple to create, but still, they feel uniquely customized. They are a great option for documenting your baby’s first years because they don’t require any cutting or gluing, which no new mama should have to make time for. You just pop your photos into the designated spots and in a few days, you will receive the best baby memory book in the mail! Start creating yours today!

Mom’s One Line a Day

You may feel way too overwhelmed to even think about scrapbooking, and guess what mama? That is okay! Your phone and social media are full of memories anyways, but if you can set aside time each day to write just one line down about your child you will have a priceless keepsake. This little book is something you will look back on and cherish, plus it makes the less desirable parenting moments a funny memory. Here are the current prices.

Chatbooks Ongoing Photo Book Series

For the best low maintenance way to make a baby memory book online, you have to check out ChatBooks. With the Ongoing Photo Book Series, you do not even have to add your own photos to the book. You connect your Instagram, Facebook, and Phone Favorites to Chatbooks and it pulls your photos into a book for you. It will alert you when it has pulled your 60 most recent memories and you can edit and order from there. Start your series today!

For the Scrapbooker Mama 

ModernBabyBookShop Baby Book

This gorgeous book will allow you to document every moment, from the little things to the big things. It is easy to slip your favorite photos inside and provides guides to help you along. There are 40 designed cardstock pages, 10 blank pages to let your creativity run wild with, and room for 60 4×6 photos. I love that there is a page for each month of your baby’s first year as well as milestones and holiday pages. Buy yours here!

Memory Book Photo. Digital Image. Etsy ModernBabyBooksShop.

Hello Little One! Keepsake Book

This is the best baby memory book for you if you love to write out the special details. It has 64 whole pages, each with pretty illustrations and prompts to write from. It also provides spots for you to add in little keepsakes. The design is modern but is simple enough that it will not look outdated in the years to come. Check it out here.

Artifact Uprising The Story of You

I didn’t really think of baby memory books as chic until I saw this one. It is just absolutely beautiful and timeless. It is a bound book made of 100% linen, so you know it is built to last. This book includes 100 pages and has self-adhesion to stick photos right on. The pages have little writing prompts which will help to ensure you include all the important stuff. You can find this memory book online in a couple of places, but I love that it’s sold on Pottery Barn and can be added right to your baby registry. Find current pricing here!

Pretty Baby Books for Your Coffee Table

Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book

Ain’t nothing wrong with showing off your baby! I know how hard parenting can be and it totally makes sense that you would want your baby memory book proudly on display. This memory book is so cute and aesthetically pleasing making it the perfect new addition to your coffee table. I love the artwork and floral prints throughout the book, and I love that it makes documenting the little things easy. Shop now!

MushyBooks Modern Baby Book

MushyBooks really got it right with this adorably printed modern baby book. It has 50 bound pages in a sleek white cover. They made it very easy to remove any pages you may not want to include or to add on any additions of your own. None of the themes in the book are cheesy, but instead, they are funny and modern. It is definitely a book you will want to flip through over and over again and it will catch the attention of anyone you show it to. Click here to check out pricing!

Modern Baby Book. Digital Image. Etsy Mushybooks.

Milestone Memory Books

Anthropologie Milestone Baby’s First Year

If you know me well, you know Anthropologie is my happy place. And lucky for all us mamas, they make this adorable milestone baby memory book for us to journal away in. It has 33 pages including plenty of places to write down milestones and a “Letter from Mommy” which is absolutely precious. Get yours here!

Bloom Daily Planners & Keepsake Journal

Some of you might not want to just record every special moment, but to save some baby keepsakes as well. The Bloom Daily Planner has the perfect pocket to slide these little mementos into. This journal is meant for you to begin as soon as your pregnant and makes pregnancy milestones as well as your baby’s first year a breeze to document. It comes with 2 whole pages of stickers, which are my favorite add-in for a planner. Here is the current pricing!

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