8 of the Best Baby Carriers that will Save your Back (and arms and legs)

Babies like being held… and held… and held. It is a simple fact that no matter how great your swing or bouncy is, how much your baby loves their crib, or how many hands you have helping out that sometimes your baby is going to wear your arms out wanting to be held by you and you only. This is why you need a baby carrier around as back up! Below you can find our reviews of the 10 best baby carriers.

A carrier will allow you to have two free hands while keeping your baby safe and cuddly right against you. There are a couple of different kinds of carriers, so you will have to decide the best fit for you. Keep in mind, while you often think of very small babies being in carriers there are some options that allow you to carry into toddlerhood!

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Do You Need a Carrier?

We highly recommend every new mom at least tries out a carrier. It is one of the items we hear moms rave about time and time again. It really comes down to the fact that babies like to be close to you, but sometimes you will need a free hand!

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What to Look for in a Baby Carrier

  • Comfort: You want to choose a carrier that is comfortable for both the parent and the child. This means considering proper fit, materials, and padding.
  • Function: You also want your carrier to be functional for the parent. Added pockets, straps, and supports are a great bonus.
  • Ease of Use: Trust me, you won’t use your carrier if it is a pain to get on and off. You will want to consider how you get the carrier on and the baby strapped in as well as how to take the carrier off.
  • Durability: This applies to wear and tear along with the fact that you want a carrier that provides at least a year of use as your little one grows.

Below, we will go over our favorite baby carriers in each category; wraps, slings, and the traditional carrier.

Wraps: The Best Baby Carriers if You’re Looking for Versatility

Wraps do it all. They can be configured in seemingly endless ways, which means they easily grow with your baby and can be worn differently depending on your own comfort as well. It can be a little confusing figuring out how to configure them at first, but once you get it down your little one will feel so securely tucked in their and it will seriously save your back and arms.

Solly Baby Wrap

Rookie Mom Squad tested by Lo Mansfield and her sweet daughter!

Solly Baby Wraps are the perfect cozy carriers, especially during those long newborn days. They can carry up to 25 lbs and are specialized for your baby’s first nine months. The stretchy material will conform to whoever is wearing it. No worries about it getting sweaty or dirty, just toss it in the wash to clean.

Here is what Lo had to say about this must-have carrier, “I started using the Solly wrap with my first baby girl 4 years ago – once I did, I was hooked. My two babies have spent hundreds of hours with me like this – and we can’t wait for number 3 to do the same. The buttery soft fabric, the simple designs and colors, the consistent price point; all of it makes Solly such an easy product to stand behind and recommend.

When Solly added their Dolly wrap for littles, it was the sweetest addition to their product line. I can hardly believe that baby girl that used to sleep in MY first Solly wrap is now holding her baby dolly in her own Dolly wrap – what a gift to have a company hand my family so many good memories.”

Check current pricing here!

Moby Classic Wrap

The Moby is another wrap that makes carrying your little one around a breeze. Not only is it one of our favorites, but it is a very affordable option! Two great perks are that it fits comfortably on all body types and adjusts easily.

Check it out here!

Beluga Baby Wrap

Beluga Baby offers wraps in adorable solids and prints, which is why I REALLY wanted to love it when I tried it out. However, the Beluga Baby Wrap was not for me. While the material was really soft, I did not feel like it provided me with enough support. I felt like my baby was sliding down which made it uncomfortable for me.

Of course, not all mamas are alike. Even though it did not work for me if you have your heart set on a Beluga Baby wrap it might be worth a try! Here’s what I think the highlights of the wrap are; it is really lightweight, it is made out of a soft bamboo cotton blend, and they offer great tutorials on the website that teach you how to properly wear their wraps.

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Slings: The Ultimate Baby Carrier for Bonding

Next up; slings. These are absolutely perfect for newborns and allow for bonding all day long. I was obsessed with my sling with my newborn. It truly was the best baby carrier as you could feel their warmth pressed up against your skin, and you have two arms free! They are basically a wide piece of fabric that wrap across one shoulder and your torso, and your little nugget can be popped right in. They are lightweight and easy to get on.


Anything that says it only gets softer with time has my vote, and that’s one of the most commonly reviewed details about this sling. They are made of pure super breathable linen, meaning no sweaty mess. They have just the right amount of stretch and offer the perfect amount of support.

We love all the color and material options these slings come in and you get to pick your ring color. Say hello to matching your jewelry color to your ring sling!

Shop WildBird

Don’t be intimidated by using a ring sling! Check out this WildBird Ring Sling 101 video for more information about how they work.

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

This is a sling that will allow bonding between you and your babe all the way from their newborn stage through toddlerhood with a weight limit of 35 lbs. Just like the WildBird, the Sakura Bloom ring sling comes in 2 different lengths making it a great choice for moms of all sizes.

I love that the have video instructions to help you learn to use the sling properly and insure you are putting your baby in the right position for proper hip health!

We also love the Sakura Bloom Scout, learn more about that baby carrier here!

Shop for your sling here!

The Traditional Baby Carrier: Best Baby Carriers for On the Go Families

You probably don’t need much of an explanation on this one. The traditional carrier is worn like a front-facing backpack with straps over your shoulders and the cloth carrier in the front. My husband was always nervous using a sling or wrap so we also kept a traditional carrier around.

Here are some of the best baby carriers for the “traditional” category!

Rookie Mom Squad mama, Lo, wearing her favorite traditional carrier!

Ergo Baby 360 Baby Carrier

Inward, outward, on your hip, or on your back this carrier can be positioned however you see fit. The biggest bonus of all; you can actually breastfeed with your baby in the carrier. There’s also the option for a privacy hood which is UPF 50.

The shoulder straps are really cushiony and there is plenty of lumbar support. The front panel is mesh making it breathable for your little one. No doubt you will get plenty of use out of your Ergo because your kiddo can be carried until they’re 3 years old or 45 lbs!

Check out our full review of the Ergo 360 here!

Shop for your Ergo 360 here!

Lillebaby 6-Position COMPLETE All Seasons Baby Carrier

Similar to the Ergo Baby 360, this carrier offers many different positions so you can figure out what works best for you and your baby! Our Rookie Mom Squad mama, Lo, swears by this carrier. She has done a ton of traveling with it and not only does it keep her babies comfy & happy but it has lasted through the wear and tear.

Check it out here!

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini is the best traditional carrier for newborns. This carrier is really easy to adjust and very comfortable for both the carrier and baby. It can be worn facing in or out from the day your baby is born up until they weigh 24 pounds.

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Tula Baby Carrier

The Tula will become your new best friend with its bright pattern options and ability to get on quickly and easily. It can be worn on your back or front and you can carry your baby in it up to 45 lbs. The bottom band that wraps around your tummy is really wide offering way more support than most by distributing your baby’s weight more evenly and making this one of the comfiest traditional carriers.

Another thing that makes this one of the best baby carriers; it can be thrown in the wash on a gentle cycle to clean!

Shop for your carrier here!

Cuddle Up Fox Carrier

If you are an on-the-go mama, this is the carrier for you! It will make it easy to conquer everything from playdates to soccer practice, even on the busiest of days. It is one of the most comfortable carriers and you won’t have any problem wearing it all day long. The straps are thick and the waistband supportive.

There are six pockets, so you can easily carry your phone and keys or other small necessities. You can back and front carry with this one. It’s cute, functional, ergonomic, and easy to use, and the biggest bonus; it comes in at a budget-friendly price. What’s not to love!

Here is current pricing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of baby carriers?

The most common types of baby carriers are traditional backpack style carriers, wraps, and slings.

Are baby carriers safe?

As long as you are following the baby carriers specific safety guidelines and using an appropriate carrier for your baby’s weight and age, baby carriers are safe.

What is the best baby carrier brand?

Best Traditional Carrier: Ergo 360
Best Wrap: Solly Baby Wrap
Best Sling: WildBird Sling

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