Surprise your baby at a splash pad

Thanks to Katy Mann from for this baby activity. If you’ve tried something with your baby you want to share, please send it to [email protected]. Just a few sentences and a photo or two will do!

Something they didn’t show us much on the television show Parks and Recreation is the swimming pools of Pawnee. It turns out every town — fictional ones included — have public pools and parks, and some of those pools and parks have splash pads.

A splash pad — or sprayground — is an area with water features that children can enjoy without being fully submerged in the pool. Fountains and motion-activated features surprise and delight the children as they move around the space, discovering different ways to get wet. Even babies can get into the water play, especially if they like watching bigger kids.

Go ahead: google your own.

For swimming pool-affiliated splash parks, you usually have to pay a couple dollars for admission. Parks often have free splash pads.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Indianapolis, Katy’s got a list of them for you: 25 FREE Splashpads in Central Indiana

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