My ABC Kids Expo Experience- the BEST Products I Found!

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I recently attended my first ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas Nevada. I was super excited to attend because 1) it is not open to the general public, 2) I love getting to check out all of the newest products for babies & kids that are coming to the market, and 3) I knew I would be able to share some of the best new finds here with you. There was one product in particular that I found super fascinating read on below to find out what it was.

My ABC Kids Expo Experience + the NEW Product I’m OBSESSED With!!

What is the ABC Kids Expo?

The ABC Kids Expo is a trade show for the juvenile products industry and is not open to the general public. They do, however, open their doors to all registered media which is how I was able to get in. The show is the premier juvenile products specialty show in the world, with over 700 exhibitors utilizing over 1600 booths. It’s MASSIVE!!!

You can learn more about the ABC Kids Expo here on their website.

What Types of Products Can Be Found at the ABC Kids Expo?

There are all kinds of products for babies, kids and new parents at the ABC Kids Expo. I found all the latest in car seats, kids furniture, clothing, toys, feeding necessities, strollers, wagons, safety products & more on my recent visit.

The exhibitors change each year but you can find a full list from the 2018 ABC Kids Expo here. Just click on the “Virtual Show” tab and you can scroll through the full list.

My Favorite Finds from the ABC Kids Expo 2018

The best part is finding new and exciting products. There were several products that immediately caught my eye. The first being these awesome tapioca-based edible stickers from Sticky Lickits. Like the name you simply pull the sticker off the sheet, give it a lick and pop it onto a piece of fresh fruit. As I imagined my daughter gobbled up more apples than ever before thanks to a sample sticker pack they let me take home.

My FAVORITE Find at the ABC Kids Expo was this new line of LED sanitizing products from 59S. Their products are going to be total game changers. They use professional LED sterilizing technology, similar to what they use in hospitals, to sterilize all the things that parents need to be sterilized from pacifiers to stuffed animals and more!

They had a really neat display that showcased a bunch of nasty bacteria on a slide and then right before our eyes they would place just one of their tiny LED lights on the slide and within seconds the bacteria all died. It was crazy! The best news is their technology is non-toxic, has no radiation or ozone, and is completely efficient in killing all bacteria. It is actually the same technology hospitals use to disinfect their instruments.

You can check out the video below to see it in action for yourself as I streamed it on Facebook LIVE from the ABC Kids Expo.

Have you ever tried to clean your little ones lovies? It can be nearly impossible, especially stuffed animals that require batteries. But, with the new technology from 59S, you can disinfect pretty much anything except things with liquid. The toy chest would be fantastic for in-home use and I could see it being super useful for daycare centers, schools, and preschools too.

The product that I can see really exploding is their Babies Pacifier Sterilizer. This tiny box with an on-the-go band that connects to a diaper bag/ stroller etc… was so cool!

This tiny little box contains 4 of the tiny but powerful LED lights and can sanitize anything from a baby’s pacifier to earrings AND it does so in just 29 seconds. Pretty awesome, right? With all of the traveling, we do (check out how our family of 7 travels all over the world here) I would have loved to have this in my travel bag. We trashed so many pacifiers and toys because they fell in dirty airports and we had no way to clean them while on the go. This would have alleviated that problem. And, it’s so simple!! You can buy one here now, but I can bet they will be sold all over the U.S. soon because their booth was busy the whole time I was there with retailers placing orders and getting more information.

I am hoping they get to market asap because they also had items for sanitizing things like makeup brushes and even a wand that you could pack and take with you to a hotel- how cool is that?

Another fun item I saw at the ABC Kids Expo was a self-braking baby stroller. It was a gorgeous design and it folded up really quickly and easily but it also had the first auto-braking system which was interesting. I am curious to know how many parents feel like this is something that they find necessary. I could see it being helpful if you lived somewhere like San Francisco where you walk a ton and there are steep hills everywhere but other than that I didn’t really get it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

How adorable is this cute little indoor play area/ slide from Yaya Toys? I know my kids would have loved playing in one of these when they were little.

Wagons seemed to be all the rage at this year’s ABC Kids Expo. There were all sorts of brands carrying similar products, so I decided I would test them all out and find the brand that was developing a product that was a cut above the rest and it turns out the KEENZ wagons were really the superior wagons.

I found their basic black version on Amazon here but I am hoping to see a wider range of products from them soon. I loved what they were doing as far as seating, luxury, and infant car seats with some of their prototypes that were on display at the show.

What products are you loving right now in the baby and kids realm? Tell me in the comments below.

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*This is a sponsored post in partnership with 59S all thoughts and opinions expressed above are 100% my own.

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